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We help people become more engaging, confident speakers through practice and feedback.

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What is Speakr?

Speakr is a fun, innovative and interactive communication training program. A superior and more cost-effective alternative to help better speaking and listening skills.

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Why should you invest in communication training?

We fast track the process of becoming a more relatable, engaging and confident presenter. Businesses who invest in training consistently outperform their competitors. What these companies know is that employees with better presenting skills connect with people better, sell more and keep customers happier.


of B2B customers are unengaged.




Price of poor communications in the workplace. Per employee, per year!



Skills gap


Why Speakr?

Speakr helps your team excel at presenting. Listening, relating, thinking quickly on their feet and emotional management skills will improve your teams overall communication and create more meaningful and profitable relationships with clients. Speakr will help your team underscore their personal strengths and improve weaknesses using unbiased feedback from our training platform.

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Our App

Current methods of communication training fail to provide a way of measuring the ROI from employee training. Speakr solves this problem by quantifying communication training through unbiased AI feedback for speaking and listening skills.

Through continuous learning and feedback on verbal and non-verbal skills, we can measure improvement over time and objectively identify areas of strength and weakness.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

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Our Workshops

Speakr’s on-site communication workshops encourage sales teams to practice active listening, think faster on their feet, build more engaging conversations, and relate better to business partners, clients, and customers.

Speakr will help grow your team’s communication skills allowing them to make stronger and more influential connections with your clients and customers, increasing sales and business partnerships.

"It was an incredibly valuable workshop that got me far out of my comfort zone!"

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