We founded Speakr because it is increasingly apparent that people are, in general, grossly misunderstood by one another. In practice, in our personal and professional lives, we found significant discrepancies in how we thought we were perceived and how others really felt. We looked for a science-based method of communication training that would provide unbiased feedback along with quantifiable results. It didn’t seem to exist. So, we decided to build it. Part of the way through 2018, a group of engineers, data scientists and business folks put their heads together and launched Speakr.

If you want to become a better musician, actor, artist or basketball player, you practice. Companies such as LinkedIn have identified the ability to converse and present effectively as the number one skill gap in the labour force today. It has been proven that companies and individuals that foster excellent communication skills excel in many ways, financially and otherwise.

We built Speakr to help people improve their communication skills through practice and feedback. We hope you like it and we’d love to hear about your experience and how we can do better, here.

Speak soon,
Speakr Team